Vinita statistics

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Crime Rate

The overall crime rate for the City of Vinita Oklahoma is approximately 62% lower than that of the National Average. Per 100K of people, 2.99 crimes occur daily meaning a person has a 1 in 92 chance of becoming a victim.



In State Rank

The City of Vinita Oklahoma is 76% safer to live in than that of similar or equal populations in the State of Oklahoma. This equates to a proactive local law enforcement agency protecting and serving its community.



National Ranking

Nationally, the City of Vinita Oklahoma ranks 74% safer than that of similar or equal cities of population size. This indicates that the law enforcement agency is following and improving its best practices with protecting a serving it community.



Crime Ranking

The City of Vinita Oklahoma's crime is steadily decreasing annually. The city's total year-to-year crimes have decreased by 54%. This indicates a proactive law enforcement agency working together with its community.